17 thoughts on “Federico Macheda FM 2011 Profile”

  1. @SothisAmon
    I saw lobs from players that do not have rounding or lobs ppms. I guess its a random mechanism by SI haha

  2. @RTRfootballmanager Ebanks never scored with power shots he was frustrating; would power shots over; again and again even over open nets and would never unlearn ppm! of to hull with him lol but that cordoza chap tho… lol he hammered them in; same ppm but yeah different effect, those nilmar type players with high comp and good striking stats except for finishing/heading tend to benefit from passes into the net; can turn them into great players. You have any success with rounding or lobs ppms?

  3. Yo RTR, there is a player who doesnt have a contract called Anderson Silva, a DM who barnsley just released and is one of the BEST DMs you can get for championship, check him out in january at the end of your embargo!!

  4. @zebra1897
    I really think so too as he is clinical in front of the net.

  5. @SothisAmon
    Really? I am still wondering how all these Players Preferred Moves make sense in the match engine actually.

  6. Moving into channels is when you try and move into the gap between the full backs and the side line and the gap between the full back and the center back to try and get themselves into space.

  7. The lack of bravery and aggression isnt too good either, along with the decisions and creativity urghh not great; not a bad finisher as you say, don’t think he’ll develop to a champ league/ top team essential but the game is about more then stats.
    Passes into the net/places shots is a great ppm i think; i think it changes what stats are used to generate the result of an attempt at goal; ebanks blake at wolves never scored for me with power shots but andy place the ball with 9 finishing keogh did

  8. RTR good vid i’ll make sure i loan him…but how did you get the pfrofile faces?

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