25 thoughts on “Federico Macheda goal vs Everton (U18)”

  1. Sorry but how the hell does this have 433605 views thats stupid, its such an average goal.

  2. Welbeck is another overated shit house, why would fergie loan him out to the mackems, just like campbell, shite

  3. he gonna be an unreal player onces he is 20/21,i think welbeck needs a chance to play for the first team too cause hes been unreal in his last appearances……

  4. all utd fans going to the ac millan game should enter 10 minutes late all fans are gathering outside the matt busby statue singing anti glazer songs and then will go in the stadium.
    dont spend a penny in old trafford no bears, no pies, no programmes, no sweets or drinks, protests for the portsmouth game are also being planned.

    please spread the message on all united videos.

    thank you


  5. Man u are thieves. Macheda should be allowed to develop at Lazio, the team who nurtured and developed him. Man u should be punished as Chelsea have. I hope Kiko go back to his homeland, Milan would be great.

  6. i don’T love him i’m just saying he’s way better then you are 🙂 i don’t love yossi. are you that exited that i made a typing error? lol

  7. wot im trying to tell you is that no1 on here gives a shit about ur beloved “rossi,” including me. and this isnt supposed 2 be about “rossi” coz were actually talking about a god player in macheda, so how about you stop dragging out the “rossi” sisuation and fuck off you retard. you cant even spell your beloved yossi benayoun’s name right, thats how much you must think of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. haha yeah he was a regular. he started alot… more then you would for a league 2 team(the 4th league from top) and i know 2nd is not first haha..wtf did you think? that i didnt know that? what the fuck are you trying to tell me? ta face doit être défiguré parcque t’as l’aire d’un enragé de la vie. t’est un americain n’est-ce pas? 😛 haha

  9. firstly ur ‘retarded’ as you just called yossi benayoun “rossi.” next i really dont give a shit about yossi as hes shit and plays for liverpool. He wasnt a regualr last year although he did get in liverpool’s team toward the end of the season, but tht just proves how shit liverpool r as they actually put him in their starting line up. and yes raytard you are right about 1 fing you have actually said, liverpool finished 2nd last season. 2nd is no first. i fink i just defended myself mate,dnt you

  10. haha your funny … what was wrong in the thing i’ve said? haha rossi is better then you are. he’s a regular in the team who finished 2nd last year… come on .. if your gonna say i’m a tard… then prove that i’m wrong.. you say i’m retarded because that’s my youtube name but you can’t defend yourself for the reason that got you angry?? pathethic man…. hahaha. come on.. if your not retarded, then tell me why yossi isnt all those things i’ve said about him. 🙂

  11. well its nice to know you are mentally challenged and your responses on here clearly prove you are!!

  12. haha that’s all you can say to defend yourself? getting lower then the status of a mentally challenged guy who’s smarter the you are? well my friend you impress me with your football knowledge! 🙂 la prochaine chose que tu vas me dire serait que Kaka et messi sont de mauvais joueurs

  13. i dont fink i need 2 respond as you clearly no nothing and ur name proves it, you ‘raytard’.

  14. well yossi is better then your are by far… is rich because of how good he is. and he plays with one of the top teams and is pretty much a regular at liverpool

  15. its not a spelling or grammer test u dumb cunt
    and u didnt start your sentance with a captial letter so fuck you

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  17. macheda will be good if not for the champions league he will be for the premier league

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