25 thoughts on “FIFA 12: Manager Mode: Wolverhampton Wanderers: Summer Transfers S1 Ep1”

  1. They are the same =) Some people call it manager mode, some people call it
    career mode.

  2. guys i haven’t bought yet the fifa 12. Which is the difference between
    manager mode and career mode?

  3. I started with wolves, im 3rd on the table after 28 matches in my 4th
    season 🙂

  4. @robbietk94 Dude, also don’t reveal who is gonna win matches! great though!
    also, might be saying it about kightly as he is my sisters ex-boyfriend in
    real ;D

  5. i played fifa 12 first time when i went to my friend. I saw on menu that
    has career mode and manager mode.

  6. @LenzorFTW Yeah, that’s annoyed me, my series is completely outdated. I’m
    not starting a new one with Terry Connor though.

  7. @beybladekka I’m sure there are better people out there than me, but thanks
    for the compliment.

  8. Nice vid mate subbed, If you could check out my channel I’d appreciate it,
    ive just started a manager mode

  9. @dj0074u I had him on my Brighton career, he is fairly decent for a Free
    Agent. I may have to pick him up next transfer window. I remember Tottenham
    buying him to replace Friedel on an Arsenal season I have too.

  10. @TheUtkarsh77 Thank you, part two is currently being saved and will be up
    tomorrow. Where this side shall take on Burnley in their first pre-season

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