25 thoughts on “Macheda goal vs Aston Villa – Martin Tyler Commentary!”

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  2. lol why don’t you type ‘evans own goal’ into youtube and watch the first
    video clip. Egg on your face more like…

  3. hes like 18-20 and still growing, hernandez, rooney and rvp are our main
    strikers and he needs to be loaned out to gain more experience and improve,
    in a couple of years he will be the main striker

  4. @shirtless15 we live in stretford(Where old trafford is before you become a
    keyboard gangster) but my dads a brummy and my 2 brothers followed him to
    support villa while me and my mam and my siter are united fans so hope that
    explains it,even thought i don’t have to explain myself to you 🙂

  5. *there’s. The reason we haven’t seen him is because he has been on loan for
    the last 2 seasons. Hes only 20, give him a chance.

  6. @3DaysLEO so what ur saying is messi is just goes 4 goals and ronaldo
    doesn’t or r u sayin the opposite sry but i am not understanding what ur

  7. kinda feel sorry for him needs to get more playing time he is a quality
    player and hes still young

  8. haha only 4…what a joker. the fact people’s comments disagree with you
    proves my point…that you’re an idiot. Yeh he made a couple of errors but
    tell me a player who hasn’t. The own goal was degea’s fault actually he
    kicked it straight at evans. So Vidic is a shit defender because he got
    sent off against torres? You’re an even bigger idiot than I though!

  9. *you’re. and this was the only good moment he’s had in a utd shirt now he
    barley gets in the reserve team. theres a reason why we never see him

  10. although you are gonna leave in the jan window…thanks for your service to
    United and I will never forget this beautiful goal.

  11. Amm what are you talking about? sturridge crossed in a ball which evans put
    through his own net .. wasnt even near de gea

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