25 thoughts on “macheda handball”

  1. @cfcsteve86 i think we shall move off that point now cos tht was last year. but the title is comin back to ot this year mate

  2. @m19redz But you can’t say for sure you would have scored, after all we kept you out to a 1-0 once that season and it could have happened again.

  3. @cfcsteve86 yh but we were getting back into the game and that drogba offside goal was a killer

  4. @FrankLampardd08 i know Bulgaria are shit but that doesn’t mean fergie can take there best player away from them

  5. @CLproductionz wow i didnt know fergie was scottish, i just knew he was a knight so he was very likely to be english. And even if bulgaria qualifies for the euro, cmon they dont stand a chance.

  6. @FrankLampardd08 yer they do and fergie isn’t english and even if he was hes not gonna try and sabotage Bulgaria’s chances by over using berbatov

  7. @CLproductionz well im saying chelseas gonna finish first. And why wouldnt u start berbatov last week? Sure he needs a rest, but make him play 1 more game, and fuck it fergies english why would he want him to be well rested during the international break this week. I dont even know if bulgaria has a game this weekend.

  8. @FrankLampardd08 1 i didnt say we would finish undefeated 2 berbatov has been working his ass off this season he needs a break so he put on the in form at the time macheda and owen

  9. @CLproductionz then same thing to u. U honestly think manu is gonna finish undefeated? Cmon Fergies a bitch he started owen and macheda over a healthy berbatov last week. Goaless draws are fukin pathetic

  10. @CLproductionz just remember that were 5 points ahead of u and ur sitting in 3rd place while chelseas been in first since the first gameweek

  11. @FrankLampardd08 just remember that we are undefeated when you sit down and watch your team lose to Newcastle and man city

  12. @CLproductionz riiight kakuta bruma matic and a few other people ive never heard of played in that game. nice job drawing with sunderland today. fergies a fukin retard

  13. @FrankLampardd08 u guys have a reserve team???????????????????????? how long have u known Chelsea dude?

  14. @CLproductionz so basically ur saying ur the best becuz u beat our reserve team for the mickey mouse trophy?

  15. @FrankLampardd08 no i beat u like we beat you in the community shield … the last time we played

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