25 thoughts on “MACHEDA SCEAMER 3 2 VS VILLA”

  1. @HighlightsOfSoccer yesss i know but compare that goal to roo’s bicycle kick the other day, or one of cantonas many great goals or some of ronaldo’s freekicks or roodog’s 30 odd yard screamer of a volley… i dunoo its a very nice goal dont get me wrong but it’s not even close to being the best man u goal ever scored…. oh and some of scholes and giggs goalls dick on that goal aswell

  2. i love how he was trying to hug his father, but some random united fan hugged him instead. what a moment. macheda was probably like “i don’t care, i scored the winning goal.”

  3. no one does it better than man united so many great come backs. this is why we all support united they take us on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, but we love it because we know that at the end we will be smiling.

  4. I’ve been watched Utd for getting on 30 years, and Macheda has scored two of the best goals I’ve ever seen for us.

    But I’m not sure he meant either of them…

  5. @bigballsjosh no im not saying Man U sucks, i just meant that this is my fav. goal Man U have ever scored

  6. @dunnerskiid you could be right i suppose.although he does fucking love steven wanker gerrard

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