Federico Macheda has said that he is open to moving to another Premier League club on a loan deal if it provides him with the right opportunity to get some experience under his belt.

Federico Macheda made his debut against Aston Villa a few seasons ago, and scored on his debut. He was instantly expected to become a major star at Manchester United, but things have not progressed in the same way. Now, he has spent some time on loan in Italy, but it has not proved to be the determining factor for him to break through into the Manchester United first team. This season also some does not seem to be improving rapidly, and hence, the Italian striker is keen to make a loan move to get some experience.

This time around, Federico Macheda hopes that he moves to a Premier League club instead of the club in other regions like Italy and Spain because it would help him establish in the Premier League more than anything else. With the January transfer window coming in the next few weeks, this certainly seems to be a right time for Federico Macheda deciding to leave Manchester United for a short-term loan deal.

“Going on loan in January? I am thinking about it. I have the opportunities. One thing I can definitely say is that I won’t be going back to Serie A. I want to play on in England, for today and tomorrow, because my future should be at Manchester United. I am evaluating all options and will make my choice when the time comes,” Federico Macheda was quoted as saying in a English daily.

His immediate competition Danny Welbeck has already established as one of the important players at Manchester United, which makes the case more pressing for Federico Macheda.