Macheda Up For Transfer To Nottingham Forest

If you have been following Federico Macheda’s career moves, you would have noticed the latest change in his role as he plays as a free transfer on the Nottingham Forest team. The change came by in March this year.

The striker came onto the team from Cardiff City. Initially, he was offered as a loan which was subject to clearance as per international transfer laws. Macheda has had a successful career till now, being a forward from Manchester United. About 24 years of age, he is definitely in demand and it should come as no surprise that a player of his caliber is demanded by other teams. This is the last season as per the contract.

Macheda is known to have started off his career with Manchester United at Old Trafford. Here he played for teams like Doncaster Rovers, Birmingham City, Stuttgart and QPR. After that he was out on loan to Cardiff from March 2016. His boss felt that he needed to go out there and play a few more games and gain experience playing for other clubs. Till then, he had only played about 13 games in league form.

The clause of the deal did have a 24 hour recall condition that would have gotten him back. When he started at Old Trafford he was considered to be a player who has the potential to be a star player. He also made an early impact on the Premier league games. He scored about 10 goals and had eight semi appearances. Freedman believes that Macheda would be playing with a fierce hunger, wanting to prove himself after his career has stagnated for some time. He has recently been down with a couple of injuries that have reduced the number of appearances that he did last season. He would surely be a good player and prove to be so for his original team.