21 thoughts on “More Chants For Federico Macheda”

  1. macheda ooooho macheda ooooho, he comes from italy, he scored & made it three, macheda ooooho

  2. shouldnt go on loan
    we need him and wellbeck as back up for our strikers and for the carling cup etc.

  3. Just one macheda
    give him to me
    if we score two goals
    he’ll make it three
    the jealous scousers are on their knees
    to win the premier league is in their dreams 🙂

  4. I Think Macheda Is A Top Player But I Think Hes Going To Find It Hard To Get Into The First Team Unless Rooney Owen Or Berbatov Are Injured. I Think He Should Go Out On Loan Or Something.

  5. When the ball hits the goal, it’s not Giggs, it’s not Scholes, it’s Macheda!
    When the ball hits the net who’s the scorer? I’ll bet it’s Macheda!
    When Old Trafford roars, who’s the man that will score? It’s Macheda!

  6. Cant believe I’ve become hooked on buying villa, benzema and all that crap, we’ve got an absolute gem here, who has proven he can come off the bench and score….why not use him as our fourth striker, third if tevez walks…..he reminds me so much of benzema anyways..I know he doesnt have the experience but I’d still love to take that gamble…I dont know how fergie does it, but I thank god every day, he does!

  7. Tune of 7 Dwarves:
    Kiko, Kiko,
    He hails from Lazio,
    He scores great goals like giggs and scholes,
    Kiko, kiko kiko kiko!

  8. its because his little cousin couldnt pronounce his name so his lil cousin called him kiko and now every1 call him it

  9. drejigga—- Kiko is just a shortened version of Federico in countries like Italy, Spain, POrtugal…

  10. his new song is obvious
    the ole gunnar:

    you are macheda, kiko macheda
    you make me happy when skies are grey
    and you cost less than fernando torres
    dont you take my kiko away

  11. He scores winner like cantona,then he kisses the camera”

    That is the best and the comment under me

  12. Kiko Macheda
    Kiko Macheda
    Kiko Macheda
    United’s number 41!

    Tune of super-sub

  13. Brilliant chants! Love the second one especially! Keep up the good work man!

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