25 thoughts on “RECAP: NE 1-4 Man United”

  1. @skx2787 WAIT, did you just say chelsea have won more leagues since 2000???????. Ok lets recap this properly ok, 00/01 season Man utd, 01/02 arsenal, 02/03 United. 03/04 arsenal, 04/05,05/06 chelsea, 06/07,07/08,08/09 United, 09/10 chelsea, 10/11 United. soooo united 6, chelsea 3. It doesn’t matter if you guys scored more, united have been consistently better. We’ve won 3 carling, been cl final 3 times, won once, been semis 4 out of 5 years. hows your record babes 😉

  2. @skx2787 Manchester’s shit and you lost the league to them… that’s gotta suck. Who cares if they’re better head to head? The league is played with 20 teams not 2.

  3. @piggypops78 i mean 7 of the last 11 games since 2005, chelsea is the premier league team with more leagues since 2000 we are making history so stop talking crap about chelsea

  4. @piggypops78 manchester is shit, shut the fuck off imbred dumbfuck and learn a little bit more about football if yougoing to talk about it, chelsea have won 7 of the last 11 games against man-u since 2000 and they have the record of more scored goals in a single competition with 105 goals, so shut up and fuck yourself

  5. @skx2787 What are you still doing here if you hate the champions MANCHESTER UNITED.? Fucking retard.

  6. @uncandrew yes me too and i was so sad when he left and i was like who is going to make arsenal win haha

  7. @wwebalochifan no doubt, I just have a lot of respect for Henry after everything he did for Arsenal.

  8. @wwebalochifan yeah, im a huge arsenal fan, but i root for NY because of Henry. I guess its a win/win no matter what the outcome!

  9. @uncandrew man ny is my favorite in mls and arsenal is my favorite in epl wow that hard to pick one haha

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