25 thoughts on “Sampdoria 1 – 0 Udinese – Macheda Goal”

  1. @5deadspace mate there is a reason why you or me are not the gaffer at united. Sir alex himself said the macheda is the best finisher since Ruud in an interview when he visited the states, not everyone is going to be a first team player at 19, he just needs games.

  2. @rowers1111 No mistake. You have shit taste in things. Basically, you’re a turd.

  3. @jacksprat1990 have i SEEN the shite i LISTEN to, i hope you realise that mistake P.S what does music have to do with how shite this guy is at football?

  4. @rowers1111 I love how you say he’s shite. Have you seen the shite you listen to?

  5. if Rooney is keeping you out of the squad, I can understand why you’d stay away

    Alex Ferguson what are you doing

  6. I don’t really like him, no touch,no skill,no pace and he scores one good goal every now and again or doesnt score at all.

  7. @BallerForrLifee Clearly wasn’t meant to be a cross…how does it possibly look like he was shaping to cross? He was practically ON the six yard box…what striker do you know that would blindly cross from that situation? None. He slipped and the ball looped fortunately, but it was definitely meant to be a shot.

  8. everything about that goal screamed pure luck, from the moment he lost the ball when attacking first time round, the ball luckily went to a teammate, and then he was lucky he slipped because if he didnt, that ball was blazing over

  9. @pk8819 oh yeh just like guiseppe rossi huh lol trust me he will stay in italy it doesn’t have to be sampdoria it could be another italian team but i can’t see him going back!

  10. هدف رووووعه من لاعب مانشستر يونايتد المعار لسمبدوريا كل التوفيق ماكيدا والمزيد من الاهداف

  11. @TBONE889 he is jsut on LOAN…either sampadoria will be paying big cash to buy him back and SAF will not allow him to leave easily…he is one of the hope of MU future

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