Russell Slade unhappy with Young Players Performance

Russell Slade, the man in charge of Cardiff City, is a little disappointed to see his talented, young players not being able to play as well as they can.

In the previous game versus Rotherham which is not the strongest of the Championship teams, Slade started with the 25-year old Kim Bo-Kyung, but, that move did not work as the young midfielder struggled in the game.

The game finished as a scoreless draw which was not such a bad result for Rotherham, but, for Cardiff, it was certainly not what they would have wanted.

The fans found it very hard to digest the fact that Cardiff could not defeat a comparatively weaker side in home conditions and they ended up booing their own players.

Talking to the press later that evening, Slade said, “Kim had been playing well for the development squad. So, we thought it’s the right time for him to be brought in, but, he could not live up to it. He tried, but, he does not seem to be a finished product yet.”

“He had earned his place in the XI, but, at this point of time, I can’t say if he is going to be retained in the next game or not.”

“Ravel is another one whom we rate quite high. But, he tends to waste his energy at times.”

Slade did not criticize the fans for booing. According to him, the fans are quite attached to the team and thus, they feel bad when there is string of negative results.

In the words of Slade, “You would have seen the atmosphere a couple of years back when the boys had earned promotion. The fans were buzzing. But, now, obviously, it’s different as we have not been able to produce the goods. The perspective of the fans can be understood.”