Manchester United has signed the Chilean youngster Angelo Henriquez.  Sir Alex Ferguson, the manager of Manchester United, has confirmed the signing of Henriquez. Ferguson said that Henriquez has become 18 years old now. So, he has got working permit which makes him eligible to sign for the club. He is a very talented young footballer. He is enormously capable at such a young age. He has shown his skills playing for Universidad de Chile and he is a very good buy for the club.

Ferguson has also made it clear that Henriquez is the last player to be bought by the club this summer. Ferguson said that he is quite satisfied with the players that he has had and he is not going to sign any more player this summer. United has signed five players since the opening of the transfer window. Those five players are Alexander Buttner, Robin Van Persie, Shinji Kagawa, Nick Powell and Angelo Henriquez. Buttner has been signed by the club this week and Ferguson hinted that he might get a chance to play in the United’s second game of the season against Fulham.  As per Ferguson, Buttner has looked in good nick in the training sessions and he might be sent on to the field at some point of time in the match against Fulham.

Manchester United hasn’t made a very good start to the season and the team lost its opening match against Everton by 1-0. On being asked about that match, Ferguson said that he is very disappointed with the team’s performance in that match. The team should have easily won that match, but, the players looked rusty and didn’t show enough hunger on the field. On being asked about the club’s new signing Robin Van Persie, Ferguson said that Persie went on to the field pretty late in that match and it is not easy to go on to the field and score straight  away. Ferguson hinted that Persie would be a part of the first XI in the match against Fulham.