3 thoughts on “Alexis Sanchez to ARSENAL | Top 5 EPL Transfers | FIFA 15”

  1. GkOspina
    Rb Debuchy
    Rcb Mertesacker
    Lcb Chambers
    Lb Gibbs
    Lcm Ozil
    Rcm Zelalem
    Rm Gnabry
    Cam Santi Carzorla
    Lm Alexkis Sanchez
    St Theo Walcott
    GK Szczesny
    Rb Bellerin
    Cb Koscielny
    Cm Ramsey
    Cam Rosicky
    St Podolski
    Lm Chamberlain


  2. Hulk is fuckin terrible! didnt you watch how he played in the world cup? No
    control what so ever. Alexis is so much better in every aspect except
    maybe strength which he’s not so far off.

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