25 thoughts on “Manchester United vs. MLS All-Stars: 2010 MLS All-Star Game – KICKTV Classic Matches”

  1. +Brian Park Yes, but the teams themselves like Man Utd, Man City, and
    Liverpool were formed in the late 1800s.

  2. The MLS is not bad the Europeans teams are just too good. They had
    centuries to mature their game and increase the speed. The MLS was made in
    the late late 1900s, they are a very young league give them time.

  3. Did u no that Manchester is AWSOME AND IF U THINK THEY SUCK then don’t
    watch the video and if u like mls to watch the vidieo

  4. nice to see welbeck and cleverly there…hopefully this summer 2014 WIlson,
    Lingard , M.Keane and Lawrence get their chance

  5. Milan just played horrible, and they at least needed pazzini as a target up
    top who could hold the ball off for a little while milan could push up

  6. haha in the sub box it shows the “spoilers” so before i clicked on this
    video i knew the score haha

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