25 thoughts on “Federico Macheda Amazing Goal [HD]”

  1. @littlekerni Naja sowas ähnliches isses 😀 vllt gibts davon ja Remixes ^-^

  2. @Tobii333

    habs gerade auf Youtube angehört und irgendwie konnte ich diese 12 sekündige Passage nicht wirklich darin entdecken

  3. @crlfc4life TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!!HAHA. I’m assuming you support them useless scouse cunts?Good luck in the europa league next year……………………….if ye make it.haha

  4. dnt listen to the wanker mate class song with class video/goal gd choice song for the right goal (:

  5. @jobbythehutt Clearly ur just an ABU. Jelousy isn’t a good attribute. Sort yourself out.

  6. best atmosphere in the premiership old traford and no1 labeled him the new ronaldo u fuckin gimp u just make shit up.either way out title this year and most succesfull side ever. best and biggest club in world. FACT

  7. LOL after he scored 2 goals, the plastic Man U cunts were labeling him the new Ronaldo.

  8. unfortunately for sampdoria supporters he is not doing the same here in italy…. During the derby Samp Genoa he was such a ghost in the field… 😛
    Forza Genoa!!!

  9. @slitheen He’d get done for copyright if he didn’t mask the video with the music.

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