25 thoughts on “Federico Macheda & Gary Neville interview after the 3-2 villa game”

  1. hahaha i bet everyone who saw that video in the next time in their mind bring the old intereview with gary and ronaldo,happened to you also?thumps up then..

  2. @buzzeed09 nah ronaldo was a big headed showboating gayboy, macheda is straight, has a normal personality and is a direct player always looking for the right option to score or set up a goal, Im a chelsea fan but I think macheda is a good player

  3. Danny Welbeck, Ritchie De Laet, Fabio and Rafael, Anderson, Nani, and more! Wow Sir Alex has an eye for talent. Or his scouts do.

  4. this Lad is the future for manchester united with a few other players if he stays and dosent go im 99.9% Sure he will be the new no.7 and have the same success like the other legends did

  5. yeah it does seem that way. Its nice to have a player like him. Great Personality!

  6. so’s your english

    “And Ronaldo’s English WAS suck!!”

    what kinda stupid thing is that to say

  7. Neville is a very important player at United, it seems like he watches over the younger players.

  8. hahahah a couple of years back it was ronaldo in kiko’s place and neville was next to him ,. hopefully he becomes the same as ronaldo and stays at united 4ever

  9. HAHAHA this reminds me the interview Neville and Ronaldo!! And Ronaldo’s English WAS suck!! But this kid is a little better somehow.

  10. i think since hes 17 he probably still lives with his parents, or if he doesn’t its still a nice gift 😛

  11. sure he did.
    funny as hell when the commentator is all like “uhhhm, we’re not allowed to give this to you, so we’ll give it to Gary” and Gary hands it straight on to Macheda going “here, take it all”

  12. ohh I really like this guy!!
    and he’s just 3 years older than me!

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