25 thoughts on “Federico Macheda – The Boy From Rome ||HD||”

  1. Man one of these clips shows a ton of empty seats… My dog could score against a team with as poor a fanbase… Of course, they are and have always been very numerous even in America… That sucks. That’s sports, I suppose. It’s a vicious cycle… With no fans, most “athletes” are just competing with their teamates… on who can get to the injured list first… What a far cry from the Napoleon-complex-motivated energy of Manchester, Chelsea, Real, and all other teams that buy championships!

  2. really good player..sir alex should make him play more often,.should include him in first team.

  3. Grande video e grande Cico Macheda!
    Spero che un giorno tornerai nella squadra che ti ha lanciato: la Lazio!!!

  4. Great Lazio fan!!! keep going! hopefully one day you will come back in your city and in your team
    forza Lazio

  5. He could replace Ronaldo in a few years . He shows up already when his team needs him just like how ronaldo did . And fedrico is only 18 !

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