Federico Macheda | Italian Legend In Making | 09-10

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25 thoughts on “Federico Macheda | Italian Legend In Making | 09-10”

  1. @SMesa4 macheda is 18 man, when he is 22 (hernandez’ age)…he will be uniteds best striker, hernandez wont be on the team

  2. alex ferguson take some ppl from diffrent country ๐Ÿ˜€
    have u seen any1 in EPL has a serbia player?!!
    mexico maybe :{

  3. @bigggnasss
    united is in a situation where they have to create stars out of young players so thats excactly whats happening. let him dream as long as they pay the price. United is facing 700million pounds of debt, so thats the future way my friend. You wanna play big then you gotta pay high.

  4. @alfredoLaliga
    It was written IN THE MAKING U IDIOT
    I personally rate this guy high
    he’s 18 and very promising
    3 goals in 9 (7 times substitution entry+2 starts ) nt bad for an 18 yr old
    good finisher
    wat else do u want..

  5. in my opinion, he would be better in his home country. Lazio is good, i don’t know why is he signed…

  6. ya will ..
    in italy he will be good too !
    we italians !
    n our players want to play in italy !
    cuz they have ! passion ! xD

  7. I heard he wants to move to Italy in the near future, but he’s better staying in England with Man United!

    He will become the best if he stays

  8. hes only at united for education and to be known the basterd he made it clear that he will go back to italy exactly what ronaldo did when he started to get known he told everyone that he wants to join real madrid! the problem fergie is facing is that he likes young players but he doesnt seem to know that young players would have dreams and would want to leave one day! but if he buys at age of 22 23 for examplethen he would garantee their stay and commitment to the club. am i right?

  9. well this is what is going to happen we will mold him make a star then Seria A take him back look at Rossi same thing we get them young and when they are at their prime some other club through crazy money take him Ronaldo perfect example if Ronaldo did stay he would be mention with greats of Man U giggs scholes keane beckham ole cantonna so on

  10. i am not sayiogn he will not become quality or a legend, but i aam saying that he hasnt shown enough to properly analize him…. he has lots of petential, but whether he prospers is up 2 him, lots of players that come from youth groups of ever clubs are said to be “amazing”, or “legends” but lots of them can not cope the pressure,

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