Macheda’s Journey from a Footballer to a Mere Celebrity

Forward for Superleague Greece club Panathinaikos, Federico Macheda became a part of the football world with a whirl. He moved to England, due to financial problems faced in Italy, on an invite by Alex Ferguson for Manchester United and then he became a part of the reserve team at 16 and got his very first chance as a substitute in the match against Aston Villa in the year 2009.

He played at the premier league and scored a winning goal for the team. In the very next match, he was picked when Ferguson had Giggs and Nani as an option to win the match. Though the goal wasn’t the same as the first one but the player nailed it on the ground. He played a full 90 minutes against Everton in FA Cup semi-final. He was the promising new player, but as soon as he was free of the loan he took from the English club, he joined Sampdoria as the player wished to move back to Italy.

For the next 14 league games, he didn’t score a single goal leading to the downfall of the teams ranking in Serie B.Two injuries, one of which was an ankle injury that led to an operation hindered his progress. He came back and played quite well for Birmingham. But he never got anywhere close to the heights he promised in the beginning.The player is also an employee to a company called Cameo nowadays and is being paid $50 for giving shout outs and greetings as per the demands of the customer.

While he continues playing for Greece club, the fans expect the player to raise the storms same as the ones he did when he made a debut and they hope that the player would be a part of the premier league again.