United Up the Pace

Irrespective of some drastic improvement under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the interim manager that has seen Manchester United defeat Cardiff, Bournemouth, and Huddersfield, they are going to head into the year 2019 being in 6th place and trails Liverpool, the leaders by 19 points.

However, this game might be too close. However, Benitezs who is going to send his squad against Manchester United is quite confident that they will still be able to cause some issues for the primary contenders of the title. The Spaniard has stated that the players which they have after invested money on are not bad players. They are pretty good players on the field and have performed really well in the last 3 games. According to him, Manchester United is a good team. He believes that it is a team that can make it to the top 4 positions. They will be able to compete against anyone be it Manchester City or Liverpool.

Further, he states that it is one of the biggest clubs of the world in regards to everything. They have great players in the team. They are good and that is the reason if any team wants to achieve a victory against them, they will have to perform really well. Newcastle had done this in the month of February last year when Manchester United had defeated Tyneside due to the strike of Matt Ritchie. They had also been able to silence Old Trafford as they took a lead before Manchester United under Jose Mourinho made a comeback with Alexis Sanchez securing a victory towards the end. Benitez said that all you require is a bit of luck. In case a team makes some mistakes, Manchester United will end up scoring few goals. The top teams tend to punish for your mistakes like this.