25 thoughts on “Manchester United 1-2 Chelsea – Federico Macheda”

  1. what a loser..hand no hand its a goal
    but drogba 2 meters offside, how lines man does not give…
    what a pathetic guy!!

  2. @LiamsFriendStewie chelsea is out of champions league, where man utd beaten them … and chelsea got beaten once again by united … so i dont think that chelsea is back

  3. @cfcsteve86 i do believe that at times we’ve had luck with us, where we’ve turned a defeat to draw or even won the match … united fight alot this season … and it great to see how everyone on the team wants to win and fight every single match to make it … there is always a chance, and there is still alot of matches left, so there is always a chance, but as man utd supporter i dont want chelsea to get the chance of getting back … playin at their best

  4. @shahrukhrocksz Fair comment, but you’ve rode your luck imo this season and with 2 games against us and Fernando Torres, Liverpool away and Arsenal away there is still a chance for us.

  5. @cfcsteve86 well we beated blackpool 3-2 last night … and we are now what 10 points ahead of u guys and we’ve played the same amount of matches as u guys … u guys are playing bad this season … really really bad …. and i dont think that it’ll be so easy for u guys to beat us this season

  6. @chelseaalouette haha maybe you should take a look at your own team? If we beat Blackpool tomorrow we’ll be 10 points ahead of you, having played the same amount of games. Somehow I don’t think its our team thats in decline, sunshine.

  7. @shahrukhrocksz I know 🙁 But if we can beat you lot twice again would go down well with many people wouldn’t it?

  8. @chelseaalouette how is ur chelski doing this season doesnt look too good does it? ….

  9. @chelseaalouette so your saying that real mancs support a club trying to buy success… thats ridiculous and you know it. and you support chelski so dont come here and tell who real mancs should support. what the fuck do you know about that. fucking scum. city are shit

    and chelski=scum

  10. @gallaghers05 stupid manc cunt. when that greasy gipo scores 20 plus season for five years straight say he’s better then Lampard. Your team are in decline and real mancs support city. So fuck right off!

  11. @LukaRaPtoR

    Look who has made so much mention about other men and their cocks. It’s you. Clearly a homo. Like your players.

  12. @UnknownGenius01 its not my fault you like portugese cock. Its okay you know. Theres no need to surpress your inner most desires in fear of ridicule. You just have to drop this ridiculous act of “hating” Ronaldo and Nani just to have an excuse to post topless pictures of them all across your channel. People can just see right through it. You’ll love to have Ronaldo’s cock ball deep down your gullet. Dont be scared, if I swung that way I’d might be tempted too. He’s a good lookin lad.

  13. @UnknownGenius01

    You called yourself a fucking bender. Well done, faggot.

  14. @LukaRaPtoR

    You’re a ManUre gloryhunter. Not supporter. You’re not even from Manchester anyway.

  15. @UnknownGenius01 yea but the difference is that Im a man u supporter. I wouldnt have pictures of Steven Gerrard all over my fucking channel in order to “mock” him. You insignificant prick.

  16. @LukaRaPtoR

    I have pictures and videos mocking them. You have their posters all over your bedroom walls and wank off to it. There’s a fine line of difference, faggot.

  17. @UnknownGenius01 lol I’ve just seen your channel. You cant call anyone a queer mate. You whole fucking page has ronaldo with his kit off and all your videos are about either nani or ronaldo. Do you want some portugese cock? Fuckhead!

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