25 thoughts on “Code Red: Manchester United striker Federico Macheda

  1. @sarahspoon07 thats why he is only 20 years old and is playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world 😉

  2. porca migniotta e pensare che quando era piccolo giocava nella mia stessa squadra di calcio

  3. @Gascaification i think it was when man u went to america to play galexy,
    hope i could help

  4. Fucking hell, I didn’t comment that comment to whine or shit. I’m a big fan of Macheda, and I’m putting it in a way that he totally deserves what he is now, and I truly respect all the things he has done and has achieved for utd.

    Stop replying with all your “wisdom-ic” comments, it’s getting irritating. Very. Cut me some slack dude.

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