25 thoughts on “Manchester United – Aston Villa 3-2 Federico Macheda”

  1. @thealan110 who said im a scouser, im a spaniard who follows all english football, i just think its shallow how the pundits rave over him and hernandez wen ngog and other young players have a higher goals ratio, it doesnt make sense

  2. @hughzi95 fuck you, you come to a united video and u expect us to not reply? u fuckin prick say tht on a scouser video, not on a united video, what a dick you know

  3. wtf he scored 1 goal and people already calling him ronaldo lets see him take a freekik?

  4. @riccarddoo18 Neither can be regular goal scorers as they need more time an training. Chicharito looked very frustratted today and needed to be subbed off, Macheda came on for him and scored. What do you say to that? IMO I think Macheda and Chicharito do better as subs, late in the game when the defence is tired out. Both with huge potential.

  5. WTF, i look around youtube to hear the legendary MACHEDEAAAAAAA, and all I get is foreign commentators and gay music -.-‘

  6. the reason liverpool didn’t win the leauge that season…this guy scored the winner in this game, and then scored the equalizer the week after against sunderland. Had he not scored, Liverpool would’ve won the leauge.

  7. @beatz143 well he might leave united but not to go to Real Madrid or any other country he is going to stay at United till he is in his early thirties then go back to Everton to finish out his career waaaaactch

  8. another goal to go in the stratford end history books and another goal which will be right beside the ole sloksjaer goal vs bayern munich classic

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