Macheda On Mourinho

Former Manchester United player Federico Macheda believes that his former team should stick with Jose Mourinho as manager despite the average season that they had this season. He said that the team has improved a lot since the Portuguese manager has taken over from Louis Van Gaal and it is important that he is given time to build the team.

He said that there are players that he has signed that still needs time to settle and that he is sure that once they find their best form Manchester United will become stronger. He said that players such as Alexis Sanchez and Pogba were performing well at their previous clubs and it will take some time for them to get back to their best level.

Federico Macheda said that fans should give Mourinho some more time to improve the team instead of calling him to be replaced. He admitted that his playing style is a bit boring but it does bring results. He said that Manchester United has been quite average ever since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson and it is only the Portuguese manager that has managed to make the team progress.

Federico Macheda said that there is no manager that will be able to bring success overnight and that Jose Mourinho should be given some time in order to improve the team. He said that there is already a good squad at Manchester United and that they only need a few world class players to turn this team into a team that can challenge for the title.

Federico Macheda believes that Jose Mourinho is the right man for the job and that he is sure that he is the manager that will allow them to win the title again and bring back the glory days at Old Trafford.