United faces difficult season

Former Manchester United forward Federico Macheda believes that the Red Devils will face a difficult season. He said that last season they were far behind Manchester City and that they have failed to address some issues. He said that he was hoping that the team will make some massive signings to improve the team but unfortunately for them, nothing has been done,

Federico Macheda said that he understands the frustration of the Manchester United manager and that he is right to say that this will be a difficult season.

Federico Macheda who now plays in Italy said that the Manchester United defence needed some reinforcements since last season and it is unfortunate for Jose Mourinho that he could not get the signings he wanted.

He said that other teams in the big six have been investing in new players and that Manchester United will find it more difficult this time around.

He said that for a club like the Red Devils they should be investing in the best players and that it is unfortunate the team has been stalling ever since Sir Alex Ferguson have left.

However, he admitted that there is still some talent in the team and that it is important that fans get behind the team. He said that there is no use complaining now with the transfer window already closed and that they will have to manage with the current team.

Federico Macheda said that the manager should find a way to get players such as Alexis Sanchez and Pogba more involved in the game. He said that a player such as Sanchez is not playing at his best level as he was so much better at Arsenal. Similarly, Paul Pogba has not yet shown the same sort of form that he displayed during the World Cup for France.